Core Packs & Laminations

Midland Tool and Design are manufacturers of electrical laminations in both the loose and assembled condition.

Our laminations have a wide variety of uses, such as in motors, generators (stator laminations and rotor laminations), field and armature laminations, segmented stators, pole laminations and shaded poles.

We manufacture laminations in various materials such as fully processed silicon iron (grain and non oriented), semi processed silicon irons, copper, nickel iron, radio metal and cobalt iron.

Our highly skilled work force has over 40 years experience in producing all types of electrical laminations and tooling in-house.

We also have the knowledge and experience to offer lamination assembly using various methods such as laser, mig and tig welding, in-tool interlocking, bonding and riveting.

You can take a virtual tour of our capabilities here, contact us on 0121 520 1171 or fill in our online contact form for more information.